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Romantic lingerie is fashionable, erotic and alluring undergarments made from flexible and stretchy fabric like silk, satin, lace, nylon etc. Initially these undergarments were started from corsets which were more bulky and restrictive in the late 19th century till the mid 20th century when the woman was restricted to house work only. But as soon as women moved out of the house and performed other functions like men, they needed less bulky and more light-weight lingerie, which started a new era of undergarments with more freedom.  In today's scenario most women in the world would like to wear romantic lingerie as they want to look sexy to their partner and feel more confident, attractive and comfortable dressed sexily. Romantic lingerie can make both the partners passionate in the bedroom. This passion, self-esteem feeling, confidence inspires a woman to select and buy romantic lingerie.


Benefits of Romantic Lingerie
The softness of romantic lingerie creates a pleasing sensation to the women's skin and that is the major reason of its popularity. Silky lingerie helps women feel more sexy and comfortable with their partner.  Romantic lingerie can give a sexy outlook to the woman making her more sweet, simple, seductive and intimate. Today women are not feeling shy or afraid of wearing sexy romantic lingerie. Women enjoy wearing romantic lingerie as much as men like to see their partner in such lingerie.  Romantic lingerie spices up the night and makes it more special for both you and your partner. Romantic lingerie has the secret power of femininity which makes women more graceful and elegant. Romantic lingerie gives a woman something extra for which she is looking for and keeps her feeling good all day. Romantic lingerie helps a woman to generate her inner confidence and make her more powerful and comfortable with herself.


Types of Romantic Lingerie
There are various types of romantic lingerie available in the market like babydolls, garter belts, teddies, bustiers, corsets, thongs and G-String panties, etc. A babydoll is a short nightie used as nightwear for women. A teddy is a bodysuit like lingerie. A bustier is a form-fitting garment for women. G-string and thong are a narrow cloth piece attached to a band around the hips known as bikini bottom. You can find wide range of romantic lingerie online, and one important feature of buying romantic lingerie online is that you are not lost for choice.