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Corsets and Bustiers

Welcome to our range of Corsets and Bustiers Lingerie products


Corsets and bustiers, old fashioned? No ... Sexy?  Very ...  

Wear a corset or bustier under clothing or as a top for all to see. 

With corsets and bustiers you can add old fashioned style with modern sexiness.

There are few items of lingerie that say sexy like corset does. Corsets lead them all.

Bras and knickers can be sexy, but they're also often utilitarian.

Stockings, even when worn with a garter belt, are likewise still functional as well as decorative.

But the corset is just plan sexy, full stop.

Historically, corsets did have a functional purpose, which was to reshape the curves of the female body into a more pleasing configuration.

In particular, corsets emphasise the breasts and hips while confining the waist, leading to the classic “hourglass” figure when worn.

Corsets also have a medical use, in helping people with scoliosis or other spinal complaints by providing support to the backbone.