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 We all love to feel sexy ...

And nothing makes you feel sexier than sexy lingerie ...


Feel great, look great ...


We have a lingerie range that will suit any occasion ...

For that special intimate moment, a bit of fun and fantasy or just to spice things up ...

Spoil yourself or buy that special lady an intimate gift you’ll both enjoy ...

Be wild, be naughty, be sweet ...

We have the intimate lingerie products for whatever you want to be ...

You'll find intimate babydolls, romantic lingerie and extra sexy lingerie for those special occassions ...

You can make any fantasy real with our range of fantasy lingerie ...

Add a sexy twist in leather lingerie ...

And you can't get more intimate than bras and panties ...

or corsets and bustiers ...

We have g-strings, thongs and bra and panty sets that will make you feel sexy ...

We even have a range of sleepwear for just relaxing ...

You will also find a handy size chart to make choosing the right size intimate lingerie easier ...


Feel sexy, look sexy ...

With our range of intimate lingerie products!


For the more intimate moments you will find what you need in our range of intimate lingerie
In our intimate lingerie range we have babydolls and chemises. 

Romantic lingerie
for the more special occasions such as weddings and honeymoons.
Our romantic lingerie range gives you a mix of sweet and sexy. Romantic candlelight mixed with romantic lingerie will set the right mood.
Bridal lingerie is one of the most important lingerie pieces a woman will ever buy.
Buying sexy bridal lingerie can almost rank in the same order of importance as the wedding dress itself.
Not only can you buy bridal lingerie to wear under the dress but you can buy bridal lingerie to wear on your wedding night.
Be a little daring and bring out your wild side with sexy lingerie.
Our sexy lingerie range is definitely for his eyes only.
With sexy lingerie you will not only feel sexy you’ll look it.
As the name implies naughty lingerie is more risqué, more ‘bad girl’ type lingerie.
This lingerie leaves less to the imagination.
Naughty lingerie range includes crotchless panties, peek-a-boo bras, skimpy string teddies and sheer see through material babydolls.

Get sexy and a little bit raunchy in leather lingerie
Some pieces in our range of leather lingerie can be worn in private or public as outerwear, which makes this leather lingerie versatile.

Escape into a fantasy with fantasy lingerie
With fantasy lingerie you can become whoever you want ... be a sweet angel, a French maid, a naughty nurse.
Our fantasy lingerie can be worn in the bedroom or shown off at a fancy dress party.

is a time for giving. So why not give your man a gift he will remember and add to the excitement Christmas?
Add excitement to his Christmas, and yours with some Christmas lingerie.
A popular Christmas lingerie item is the Santa's Little Helper costume, another sure fire hit is an ever-so sexy red and white fur-trimmed Miss Santa Claus outfit.
If these don't suit you, how about a Christmas style babydoll, or teddy? 
You don’t need to go over the top with Christmas costumes, you can keep it simple and sexy with any range of our Christmas Lingerie.

Corsets and bustiers, old fashioned? No ... Sexy?  Very ...  
Wear a corset or bustier under clothing or as a top for all to see. 
With corsets and bustiers you can add old fashioned style with modern sexiness.

Bras and panties
may be hidden, but you will still feel great and a little naughty knowing you have them on.
Bras and panties
come in sets or separate items that can be mixed and matched.

There is no need to forgo sexy when choosing sleepwear.
With our sleepwear you will be comfortable and still look sexy.
Our sleepwear also includes robes.

We all like and need accessories.
With our range of accessories you will find the accessories you need to finish off that special item. We have thigh highs, garters and other accessories you’ll be sure to need.
The word lingerie comes from the French word ‘linge’ which means ‘linen’. Intimate lingerie today though comes in a variety of fabrics which include satin, lycra, silk and lace.  Intimate lingerie is feminine, using lace borders, frills, bows and ruffles. It is made to catch the eye. So with so many styles to choose from in the intimate lingerie range you can have a different item for everyday, making it something you can never have too much of. 
That is where the difference between intimate lingerie and everyday underwear starts, with the types of fabrics and styles used. It even makes you feel different when wearing it. And today you have a wide choice of styles, materials, colours, sizes and prices to choose from.
Intimate lingerie as its name suggests is supposed to be worn in private or intimate situations, in saying that though it can be worn under any clothing in any situation. The materials and styles make it light and easy to wear. It will make you feel sexy all day.  But there are also the items that can be worn as outergarments such as the corsets and bustiers, and some chemises.
There is also intimate lingerie for specific occasions such as weddings. This is usually a lace material in white or bone colours. You have leather lingerie for more risqué type moments, the colours this style come in are usually but not only black or red.
There are also fantasy costumes which come under the title of lingerie, you can dress up as anyone, be it a police officer, a fairytale character or a school girl.  The costumes are fun yet still very sexy. Most of them can also be worn to fancy dress parties.
Accessories, every woman needs them. With lingerie you have a wide choice of accessories to add to or finish off the look. Accessories are things like gloves, stockings, garters or  headwear, but they are also items such as hand cuffs which will add that extra naughtiness to the moment if you want to be more daring.
Women's panties have undergone many changes in the design process and can be found in different styles and cuts with something for any preference. Briefs are designed for comfort but can still be found in colorful patterns or designs. Boy-shorts are a fan of many women since they help minimize panty lines but are fun and comfy at the same time.
Also, in the "everyday" category of lingerie along with bras and panties, are slips and pantyhose. Pantyhose were a miracle in themselves in that they combined stockings and a panty into one garment. Garter belts were no longer needed to hold up stockings, which added to the overall comfort of women's lingerie.
Now lingerie can be delicate, sensual and help spice up your life. Now corsets can be made for appeal rather than tightening and can also come in all colours and designs. A bustier is a strapless bra that has garter straps attached at the waist and can be made of fabrics such as satin or silk.
The teddy, one of the most popular types of women's lingerie, is a short nightgown that falls just above the upper thigh and can be made of a variety of sheer or silky materials. A babydoll  is another common piece of lingerie.  Or you have a chemise which  is usually made of a very light material and has spaghetti straps, it comes down to mid thigh length. A longer gown, reaches to the ankle and often comes with a robe of a similar design.



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