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Why Men Are Attracted to Sexy Lingerie



The main function of women's sexy lingerie is to "highlight and flatter the sensual areas of a woman's body." Lingerie arouses and intrigues men in ways that everyday feminine clothing does not. As soon as a specific area of a woman's body is accentuated and given attention, the man is "brought to attention" by the excitement of the special image before him.


If given the choice of seeing a woman naked or a woman in sexy lingerie, men would chose the latter in almost every scenario. The reason for this surprising response is that most men are looking for three things: excitement, mystery and a bit of teasing from the woman. The idea of the naked woman may be exciting, but it holds no mystery. The idea of the woman in sexy lingerie, on the other hand, holds all three components at once.


Different kinds of lingerie can accentuate and underscore parts of the female body in different ways. Corsets force the eye towards the chest, Babydolls draw attention to the bust with their V-frames and Teddies have a plunging neckline and high-cut panty slits. Using varying kinds of see-through fabrics can also serve to emphasize different spots on a person's body, which keeps the sense of desired "mystery" alive.


The effects of sexy lingerie are ultimately two-fold. In the inherent act of wearing this sexy or intimate lingerie, women gain a sense of confidence, power and attractiveness. Women will naturally feel sensual and physical when revealing something so intimate about themselves. This, in turn, allows the attraction men feel towards women to become stronger, as men are further attracted to women who are confident in their sensuality.


Certainly men's tastes vary, but all seem to enjoy seeing the parts of a woman they don't normally get to see. Bras, g-strings, garters and stockings are all "eye candy" for men, and they love trying to see through the lace. Sheer and silky nightgowns, or "negligee," are another favorite, as the textures of silk and mesh are enticing. Silk satisfies the "man's need to touch something soft and supple", while mesh fabric drapes and contours a woman's body.