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What Is Lingerie

Firstly what is lingerie?

Lingerie is an item of underwear worn by women to make them look and feel sexy. Lingerie includes babydolls, teddies, bras and panties, corsets and bustiers, stockings, and other styles of sexy outfits, worn under clothing, on show in the private setting of your bedroom or as outerwear such as with corsets and chemises. Every woman wants to look good in this sexy attire. You can find lingerie in various styles and colours.

There are a lot of problems men can face when they want to buy lingerie for their partner. Usually these problems arise because they do not ask their partner any questions so as not to give away the surprise. Men should familiarise themselves with online guides to sexy lingerie, these guides are also helpful for women who are looking at buying lingerie for themselves for the first time.

The right fit is very important when buying lingerie, an item of lingerie which does not fit properly will not only be uncomfortable, but will not look very flattering. Most online lingerie stores have size charts on their sites, which can help you choose the correct size.

Going for the right material is also important when making your choice. Every material has a different feel and texture. You will find materials such as cotton, silk, lace, satin and leather. Some are stretchy some feel softer than others. Make sure you buy something in a material she will also like. Your idea of how much a turn on leather lingerie is may not be hers.  Also when it comes to materials, some materials do not look as flattering on larger sized women as others.

Choosing the right colour of lingerie is also an important factor. Some colours suit some women more than others, depending on their skin and hair type. Colour is also matched with personality. Red is a very strong colour and may not suit more conservative subdued women. For these women pastels and soft colours are more suitable.

The most important thing to consider is comfort when buying sexy lingerie. Not only comfort as in how it fits but comfort as how she feels wearing it.  When choosing for comfort getting the right size will be the first thing to look at, you won’t feel comfortable in something two sizes too small. The material of the lingerie item you choose will also play in whether the item is comfortable. Some lingerie with lace trims can scratch the skin or make it itchy. Some leather lingerie items can feel hard and stiff. You need to consider if wearing this item for an extended period will be comfortable, not restrictive. You also need to know whether she will feel comfortable within herself wearing this item. It may make her feel too self conscious, making it uncomfortable.

With so many designs, styles and colours to choose from you will find end up finding that perfect sexy lingerie item you are looking for, you just need to spend the time and consider all the above points. Then you will have the lingerie gift that will make you both happy.