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A lingerie corset is a corset used for eroticism. It is an intimate piece of sexy lingerie that may be used to seduce. They're often paired with a pantyhose or stockings.
Corsets now connote different meanings. It wasn't always like that. In the 1830s, a corset was not meant to be used as night-time clothing or a decorative and attractive undergarment for women. Instead, it performed a medical function. Interestingly, in the 18th century, people believed that women were so physically weak, that to keep them working for a long time, they needed corsets to hold them up.
A lingerie corset is worn by an adult woman and is not intended to be worn by girls, unlike traditional corsets.
There are many men who consider lingerie corsets a turn on. How does this happen? Well, the corset is designed to attract the wearer's partner by accentuating the wearer's fuller breasts and small waistline. Unlike other types of underwear, it is meant to be shown off.
Another type of lingerie corset is a corset bustier. It is a brassiere with underwire that maximizes the breasts. This undergarment extends up to the waistline. It is also meant to make the wearer comfortable.
A lingerie corset may have a lace-up front, but it may also have snap closures, zippers, hook and eye fasteners, or long rows of hooks and eyes. The opening is at the front rather than the back for a sexier look. It may be made of silk, satin, lace, or leather. It emphasizes a woman's curves; a traditional corset changes a woman's curves.