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What Does Your Favourite Lingerie Say About You?


Do you love the comfortable yet understated cotton knickers? Is your favourite lingerie item a lacy, flirty bra that it's just too pretty to hide?  Today we're going to go through your lingerie drawer to reveal more. Your lingerie says a lot about you, your sensuality and the way you perceive yourself.

Miss Flirty Romance
Your favourite lingerie piece is a romantically laced item adorned with sweet details such as delicate ribbons, frills, floral embroidery or beautiful, sometimes even extravagant patterns. Your lingerie drawer is a delicate white, pink, turquoise and pastel rainbow that underlines your fragility and innocence.

Miss Seductive Coquette
In choosing your favourite lingerie item you can't decide between a racy bra or a pair of risque knickers. Vibrant colors, subtle patterns, glamorous details, luxurious materials are the staples of your lingerie drawer. Seduction dominates your life, even when you are in the supermarket at the checkout stand, or if you have an important interview for a job, or a hot date in the evening.
You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You know that a luxurious piece of French lingerie is a luxury that every woman should indulge in. Just like sophisticated makeup or a pair of Louiboutin peep-toes, you love to play the mischievous, innocent or sophisticated coquette, every time portraying the naughty sensuality in its many forms and shapes.

Miss Timeless Classic
You appreciate thoughtful design: classic and elegant, with a comfy fit and you'd pick white cotton or a nude pushup bra over any other lingerie item because your underpinnings must nestle perfectly under your stylish outfits and at the same they have to emphasize your femininity. With high expectations from yourself and people in your environment, you are confident and direct and do not believe in costly frills or laces.
You love fine pushup bras that showcase a beautiful, but not too obvious cleavage.  Seamless, to be invisible under your business outfit and made from soft materials, so that nothing pushes and pinches after 14 hours of work a day. A few luxurious details such as selected Swarovski crystals or a soft border from Chantilly are the only extra touches you want, because lingerie is like you: timeless and stylish.

So which Miss are you?