What Are the Most Popular Items of Sexy Lingerie


Women buy sexy lingerie for many reasons. From a man's point of view sexy lingerie has one purpose and that is to create a sexy look and accentuate the female form. As you may well know, men are visual creatures so sexy lingerie appeals to their very nature and you may wonder what type of lingerie are men into the most?


No man would deny that seeing a woman in a bustier is incredibly sexy. This sweet little addition to your lingerie wardrobe creates cleavage even among women who are moderately endowed. A well made bustier with the built in underwire push ups lifts and accentuates what you already have. If you want to be sure to get a guy's attention wear one in white, red, or black


When it comes to night time a popular item of sexy lingerie is the teddy. A one piece silky garment with little spaghetti straps makes a man's hear skip a beat, especially when combining satin and mesh in the same garment. Basic black or white or white with pastel highlights will get him going.


Fantasy wear is next on the list. These are like fancy dress costumes for adults. There isn't a man I know that doesn't get into his woman dressing up in a fantasy costume like the naughty schoolgirl with an opened white button down shirt and the standard plaid mini-skirt with thigh high stockings. Another sure winner is the naughty nurse. Use your imagination and have fun with these.


When you are buying bras, g-strings, stockings, and garters with a man in mind think about being as sexy as you can. You can never go wrong with anything lacy and the standard colours of white, black and red will give you that look of eroticism he is looking for. Depending on your skin tone other colours that are hot with men are peach, lavender, and light blue which are very feminine.


Finally another very popular item of sexy lingerie is the babydoll which is something every woman must have in her dresser if she has a man. I can tell you there is nothing more sexy than a silky or sheer and see through babydoll.  There is hardly anything you can do wrong with a babydoll in any colour.


These would be some of the more popular items of sexy lingerie, and with each of these items you have many styles and colours to choose from.


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