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Wearing Fantasy Lingerie is All About Dressing Up

Wearing fantasy lingerie is all about dressing up and trying to be someone else. The types of fantasy lingerie that are commonly available can depict a woman in a different persona completely opposite to her usual personality. A quiet and subdued woman by day can easily transform herself into a ravaging dominatrix by night by wearing black leather lingerie accessorized in chains or studs that comes complete with a whip.

Some of the types of fantasy lingerie include leather lingerie, the naughty nurse costume, the sexy school girl costume, and the popular belly dancer costume, to name a few. Other popular fantasy lingerie which is designed as a sexy version of an occupational uniform include a police officer, fire fighter, stewardess, secretary, construction worker and French maid. Most of these fantasy lingerie costumes come complete with all the accessories necessary to make the uniform as close to the real thing as possible. For example, the police officer outfit usually comes with a matching hat, badge, hand cuffs, and a replica of a gun. Dressing up in fantasy lingerie as a French maid is another popular option. This costume is great to wear while preparing a meal or working around the house, particularly if your man is watching. It generally comes complete with a very short black skirt, cute little white apron, low cut black top, and is usually accessorized with wrist cuffs, a neckband, and a headpiece.

The advantage of using fantasy lingerie is that it provides excitement in your love life, something different to your everyday routine. There are plenty of choices available, whether it’s a skimpy fantasy costume or a fantasy lingerie outfit made from satin or silk materials.

Fantasy lingerie not only helps you to indulge in role playing, but you can make your partner’s fantasy come true as well as your own. But when wearing fantasy lingerie it should always be about a fun and good time, do not wear something if you’re not comfortable with it, the end result will be anything but feeling good and sexy about yourself.  For some special occasions, fantasy lingerie can prove to be a better choice than your typical lingerie items such as babydolls, teddies, or corsets.