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Variety of Ways to Wear Sexy Lingerie

The camisole and corset are sexy lingerie articles that can be worn in a variety of ways. Found in many women's wardrobes they can be worn under a sweater, or with a lace bra, under a jacket, or all alone. The camisole is part of the emergence of form fitting clothing that is comfortable and worn by body conscious women to the delight of men.

There is a blurring of lines with former sexy lingerie items competing with traditional outerwear for women's attention and expendable income.

The practice of wearing a bra, preferably lace or sheer under a snug fitting top, generally in a contrasting colour is widely accepted, while the wearing of a sexy bra under a sheer blouse, under a button down jacket or all alone is not unusual anymore. Historically, a woman would never have thought about wearing a bra where even her bra straps would show or heaven forbid the entire bra, because the idea of revealing a woman's bra was taboo only twenty years ago. Today, women of all ages wear their sexiest bras with no concern for who may see it or what they may think.

Next, is the ever present lingerie item known as thongs and g-string panties. Panties may not be worn outside a woman's clothing. With low rise jeans, skimpy skirts, and low back tattoos, why should we be surprised that seeing a woman's panties was inevitable. While plenty denounce the practice, the fashion of the day has led to millions of women to wearing clothing that exposes their panties and to say that it is not deliberate seems senseless. While some may criticize the practice as trashy, it is an expression of women's sexuality and further evidence that lingerie is no longer to be hidden.

Stockings or thigh high hosiery is another lingerie item that can proudly announce that it's been let out of the lingerie closet. Women today wear skirts with thigh highs that are deliberately exposed. The practice of showing ones thigh high stockings is common with women wearing costumes and other leg exposing clothing. The truth is that pantyhose are not as popular as they were, and they are hot and they are plain ugly. Thigh highs, on the other hand are plain sexy, and the movement towards wearing thigh highs is beginning.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that lingerie, which was historically regarded as unmentionable, should emerge as sexy lingerie outerwear. Women have demanded more figure flattering, colourful garments and lingerie manufacturers have responded with more body conscious styles, perhaps it was inevitable that the sexy lingerie would peak out of women's blouses, jackets, and jeans. To some it is kind of naughty, while to others it is just a means of self expression.