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Using Sexy Lingerie To Create Magic

For years, women have been using sexy lingerie to create magic in the bedroom. If your anniversary is approaching, you will most likely be searching for a way to make it a memorable night.

What are you going to give your husband or boyfriend as a special anniversary present? Whether you are celebrating the first month or the tenth year of your time together, sexy is the way to go when celebrating this special evening together. Naturally, you want to do something for him that will give him a sense of the depths of both your love as well as your enthusiasm for him in the bedroom. This is why you should consider the timeless pleasure of sex appeal and spice.

Receiving a sexy gift like this from you will not only solidify but also rekindle the passion in your relationship. If you are trying to decide what kind of gift to consider for this special anniversary present, then you can’t go past a sexy lingerie item with you in it.

Lingerie offers a variety of styles, fantasies, and anniversaries are the perfect time to spice up the bedroom with a sexy lingerie item. Since anniversaries mark the passage of time in a relationship, it can be very beneficial for the couple to add something new to the bedroom repertoire

Sexy Lingerie Styles

Sexy lingerie can be found in a vast number of styles. It can be something as simple as a bra and panty set that makes you feel like the sexiest woman alive, or it can be far more elaborate such as a corset or a costume. Here is a list of popular styles of lingerie.

Bra and panty sets can be very sweet because you slip them on and wear them under clothes while you are out on the town. Anywhere you go, you can feel the fine fabric against your skin as you move around. Spice up a bra and panty set with garters.

Teddies are typically short night gowns made of sexy fabric like silk or lace.

Baby-doll are very popular. Often these are made of the same sexy fabric that a teddy might be made of, but the cut is a little different. They will be fitted at the bust, billowy beneath the bust, short in length, and perhaps transparent.

Bustiers and corsets are super sexy possibilities. These will be tight fitting, focused on the bosom and waist, and very sexy. They often cover the length of the torso and look great with garters.

Costume Lingerie Styles

Role playing and costumes in the bedroom offer a great deal of creative room for fun. Here are some ideas for sexy costumes.

The French Maid has a classic appeal. Men have been fantasizing over the idea of a European servant girl in a sexy black skirt since French maids actually wore the original model of the outfit. Today, you can find a multitude of different styles of French Maid outfits. There are styles that can flatter almost any body type, so find one that you are the most comfortable in. After all, making you feel sexy is one of the most important reasons to wear lingerie.

The Naughty Devil is another costume that has been around for a long time. Your husband knows what a good girl you are, or he would not have married you. However, he probably enjoys what a bad girl you can be, so give him a little taste of the naughty girl you are in a classic Naughty Devil costume. Like the French Maid theme, this one is tried and tested so there are many versions of it.

Dirty Policewoman outfits are another popular costume. The idea of authority in the bedroom has a number of positive factors when you are thinking of how to spend your anniversary. Men and women both love the idea of someone in uniform, so try this one if you are so inclined. As with the previously mentioned costume ideas, this one will offer you many different styles to choose from to provide the most comfort and appeal.

Sailor Girl costumes are very popular. These nautical naughties will be sure to rock his boat. If the high seas give you a sense of sensuality, experiment with these different styles for the sea.

Bad, bad School Girl! Here is a perfect place for a plaid skirt and a bustier. The bad school girl is a favorite for many couples. It gives a fresh and clean spark to the bedtime rodeo. There are many, many variations of this costume idea, so get exactly what you want.