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Try The Seven Day Lingerie Challenge

Try a seven day lingerie challenge. For seven days see if you can incorporate some piece of lingerie into your outfit.
We are talking sexy, seductive, hot lingerie here. 
At the end of the seven days see how you feel. Did you feel sexier, more confident? Did you have more sex?

Here are some tips for each day of the week to help you take the challenge:

• Monday: For the first day let’s start with something easy like some lace panties. You’ll look and feel great.

• Tuesday: Match your underwear with a sexy bra and panty set. You feel hot, right?

• Wednesday: Sleep in a sexy chemise. But be warned that your husband may want to have a little mid-week fun with you and you may not get that much sleep!

• Thursday: Wear a corset to work today! Try wearing a sexy corset, underneath your professional suit jacket. When you get home, undress and watch your husband drool.

• Friday: Throw caution to the wind and try on a G-string for the evening out with your husband. Ever worn a G-string before? Check it off your challenge list this Friday night.

• Saturday: Its date night and you’ll want to come home and slip on something sexy. This is the night to go all out and try on a sexy skimpy teddy – and then come home and slip on a hot red little number too. Use lingerie to remind your partner why he still can’t get enough of you!

• Sunday: The end of the week is here. Time to rest up in a silky and lacy robe. Wearing a robe has never felt so sexy, right!

You’ll enjoy wearing lingerie everyday so much that you will keep wearing it long after the seven days are over.