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The Image of Bra and Panties


The image bra and panties invoke in your mind is that of ‘lingerie’, particularly relevant to women’s 'erotic' underwear. Previously, the most typical material used for women's bras and panties was cotton, extracted from India and Egypt, which is not your typical lingerie material.  Nowadays, women's bras and panties come in more erotic sexy materials such as satin, nylon, silk, lace and leather.

Women's bra and panties have metamorphosed enormously from the beginning of the 18th century. In previous years, the goal for women's bra and panties was fairly direct, to hide the modesty, to create a 'presentation' of the body curves by means of girdles, tight corsets and then bra.  

The most crucial objective was nevertheless, to keep individual hygiene.  

Prior to the start of women's bra and panties, most women donned heavy skirts that in fact hid their figure. It's only during the early sixties of this century that women's bra and panties got another look, mainly from women themselves. It had been from this time on that women's bra and panties really started to shrink in dimensions and hug the body shape, which made it comfortable for them and which made them attractive to a potential partner.  

The mixture of style and comfort is one thing which has evolved quite a bit from the primary designs. Needless to say, there are continuous adjustments to the primary style and design. It wasn't long before the women's underwear business actually changed into a full-bloom lingerie industry.  

These days, women's bra and panties have become more like an accessory that limits the revelation, but sometimes not always. However women have also shifted from the alluring black to a rainbow of colour choices. There are also many styles available these days.


Bras and Panties