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Styles in Panties

You’ll notice many different styles in panties when looking through intimate lingerie that would have been totally alien years back. How and why have these changes come about and influenced women? Panties have taken a number of changes through the years. Before the 19th century, no form of today’s styles of panties existed, and women wore long knee length drawers. The main aim of wearing underwear was only functionality.

But women started believing that they could make fashion statements, the aim changed from functionality to visual appeal.   From there on underwear in the form of panties changed forever. It is now much more than just a functionality item, and has become an item to boost a woman’s look and set fire in her relationship.

When looking at panties now, you’ll find seamless, full-figure, long leg, no lace, lace trimmed patterns, g-strings, thongs and more. For instance, if you’re donning a snug-fitting outfit, then go in for seamless panties. For women who dare to be bold, there are many choices out there, such as sheer g-strings.

And for the woman with a fuller figure there is a choice of panties in amazing styles and patterns.