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It’s time to start thinking about throwing out all of the horrid pieces of cotton and shot, popped elastic that loom through your underwear drawer. Don’t dare drag out the granny panties and call it part of your intimate lingerie collection and you certainly cannot call it sexy lingerie! Just throw it all out and start an intimate lingerie collection from scratch.  So, here is the key to buying intimate lingerie that is not only really sexy but makes you feel sexy as well. And let’s face it you can’t really own too much intimate lingerie, and you will have so much fun shopping for it when you know the following:

Know your basics

Intimate lingerie is more than just the basic bra and panties, so if you don’t know your corsets from your bustiers, it is important to get to know your basic intimate lingerie items. There are some items that are sexy and functional and then there are items that are sexy and sexy alone.

Know your sizes

Certain items will depend on two measurements- your bust and your hips. In the world of intimate lingerie fashion, women supposedly only have two inches or so of difference between these two numbers, but in the real world, there is a much greater difference. If you are an hourglass, you may need to buy an item and then have it altered to fit your much smaller waist. A pear may have to buy for their hips and then work with what is going on in the top while an apple will have to do the reverse.

Know your Styles

Large busted women and a balconette bra might be a bad idea. Small breasted women and full cups may not be the best idea either. Know your best style. You should also keep in mind that certain looks are meant for certain situations- you should not wear black leather bras under your white business shirt for instance unless you want to send a new, tougher message to your co-workers.


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