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Sexy Lingerie Appropriate for Every Occasion

All women love to feel their best, and sexy lingerie can be just the thing needed to do it.
No matter what the situation, from your everyday job that requires a uniform to a hot night out, wearing sexy lingerie can boost your confidence.
Of course, not all sexy lingerie is appropriate for every occasion.

If you work in an office, you have several sexy lingerie choices available to you.
Try a satin chemise that will provide a feeling of decadence while providing a flattering silhouette under your blouse. Pair it with a matching pair of functional yet sensual satin panties for a foundation that is luxurious but utterly appropriate for the job. If you will be meeting that special someone afterwards, it is easy to trade your work blouse for a fitted jacket that lets the chemise peek through.   

More women than ever before are now in traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction or auto mechanics.
While these jobs require the ability to move freely, there is no reason to check your femininity at the door. Sexy lingerie in boy-styles works wonderfully, adding a playful sexuality to your day. Look for soft tank tops paired with boy shorts or fun printed bikinis.   

This is a time when you can go all out, the girls night out.
Look for sexy lingerie pieces that are bold and daring, yet provide enough coverage to avoid feeling trashy. Structured push-up bras, bustiers worn with a jacket and even corsets make excellent choices.   

If you have a hot date coming up, this is the time to bring out your sexiest lingerie.
Even if you’re not planning to give him a look at it, you will feel good and radiate sexiness just knowing you have it on. This type lingerie should make you feel like a million dollars, so forgo the expenses on this one.

Whether it is a quick getaway with your man, a fun-filled girls-only weekend or a week in the mountains with your family, holiday is a time to have fun.
It's hard to have fun if you are spending most of your time hand-washing delicate lingerie, however.
Look for sexy lingerie pieces that are structured and capable of standing up to the demands of packing and unpacking and do not need special attention when washing.

No one style of lingerie will be perfect for every occasion, you will need a variety of lingerie so that you have a lingerie item to suit each occasion that arises.