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Despite having a drawer full of sexy lingerie, some women find that comfort is a late addition in the design of many of the lingerie pieces available and wind up not bothering with the whole idea.

We're not talking about the mental aspect of feeling uncomfortable. No, these women do have a desire to wear something sexy from time to time. The kind of discomfort we're talking about is physical.

The thought of stiff corsets, underwire push-up bras, scratchy lace, and tiny panties that ride up in places we won't mention here is more than most women can bear. Sleep time is supposed to be for soft flannel or cotton or a favourite T-shirt and sweatpants, right? True, those last items are less than flattering for a little fun in the bedroom, but they are comfy.

Well listen up girls. Ladies sleepwear can be comfortable if you know what to look for. With so many of today's materials, you can be sexy and comfortable at the same time - and every night. The days of ladies sleepwear worn exclusively for an hour of playtime with your partner are over. Women have demanded practical, sexy lingerie - and designers have listened.

You have the negligee. This type of lingerie is traditionally a long nightgown. Many styles are loose enough to be comfortable to wear the whole night long. Most styles are regular dress length, falling a few inches below the knee.

For those who want to feel fresh and young again, one of the most popular pieces of sexy lingerie is a babydoll. Babydolls are relatively new to the scene, having been around only since the mid 1950s. The top half covers the torso and hips, and this cute, sexy lingerie outfit usually comes with matching panties.

The type of fabric you choose also contributes to the comfort factor. Nothing is more luxurious than satin or silk lingerie, but many women avoid these materials because they believe silk and satin are high care. Here are a few other types of materials to look for in comfortable sexy lingerie:
Chiffon is sheer and very soft, especially if it's made from silk.
"Lycra" is actually a brand name for a stretchy, body hugging material. Many nightgowns have Lycra on the top half and a loose, flowing skirt on the bottom.
An old standby, cotton is perfect for any climate. At one time, cotton lingerie was less than attractive. Views have changed and more designers are using this material.
Silk is an amazing material. Cool to the touch when you first put it on, silk gradually warms to your skin. While silk is much more expensive than other materials, it is long lasting and won't irritate your skin.
Heavier and shinier than silk, satin has many of the same qualities as silk, but doesn't retain moisture and is less expensive.

With so many choices available, there is no reason to think ladies sleepwear needs to be uncomfortable to look good. Both comfort and style are easily attainable. Go ahead and shop around; you're sure to find something you like.


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