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Putting on a Corset

Corsets are not as easy as just sliding into your favourite shirt but the results that a corset does to your figure are worth the extra time you spend getting dressed. To ensure comfort, do not lace your corset up too tight the first few times. You need to allow it time to mould naturally to your body and your body needs time to get used to the idea of wearing one.

Of course it’s easier if someone can assist you in putting your corset on but this isn’t always an option so you need to handle the task by yourself. All woman are not mocie stars and do not have an assistant to pull the ribbons tight while they hold onto the bed post. You will want to loosen the lacing enough for you to get into it. Once you are into the corset, fasten up the front clasp, starting at the top and working downward. Now comes the tricky part. Reach around to the back and gently pull the loops and tighten the lacing, progressing toward the centre from the bottom and the top. This may seem tough the first few times but you will get used to it. Don't try to look in the mirror to do this; it will only frustrate you that everything is backwards.

There is a method called 'Tight Lacing". It is the act in which the wearer typically wears their corset night and day, constantly pulling the waste tighter. Once a reduction of two to four inches occurs, the wearer then graduates down to a smaller sized corset. This is repeated until the wearer reaches their goal waist size. This does stir up some controversy of being unhealthy or harmful to your body but most feel if done properly it can be effective and not hurtful.

It is also important to always remember when wearing your corset for the first few times it is absolutely of the utmost importance to give your corset that break in period that it needs. This not only prevents damage to the corset but it also prevents your body from feeling discomfort.