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Men Love Sexy Lingerie

A majority of men will tell you that they love it when their partner wears sexy lingerie. Women who wear lingerie feel and look more feminine and sexy.

Men are 'visual' and 'physical' beings when it comes to sex. Men will create powerfully-stimulating images in their minds looking at a woman in sexy lingerie. His desire for you and the anticipation of a sexual encounter with you builds as he 'touches' the sensuous material of the lingerie. Women tend to desire more of an 'emotional-connection' and with their partner, in conjunction with the physical stimulation of sexual activity. Women want to know that their partner finds them desirable and sexy. Wearing sexy lingerie gives both of them the 'sensory' stimulation needed for a better sexual experience.

When a man sees the woman he loves wearing some very seductive lingerie, he can 'visualize' her apart from the other roles she plays in the workplace or as a wife and mother. He can feel confident that for this moment, she is there just for him. The sight of her in a beautiful, lacy bra and panties 'heightens' his anticipation of sharing this time with her.

To him, sexy lingerie is like 'unwrapping' a Christmas present. He anticipates that once he has completely removed the delicious 'wrapping' from his woman- it will lead to explosively-satisfying sex for both him and her. What woman wouldn't feel "special' when seeing the gleam in his eyes, and the raising of the flag so to speak as he traces a finger slowly over the lacing of your bra or along the edges of your barely-there thong? What woman would pass up experiencing his 'tenderness' as he slowly removes the hosiery, one sensuous leg at a time?  Knowing that you have seductive powers over your man, also heightens your own sexual experience.

Why not let out the tigress within you tonight by wearing some sexy lingerie? Maybe you've never worn sexy lingerie before and are a little 'hesitant' about trying some out. Sexy lingerie comes in a variety of styles and fabrics. You can find lingerie styles that are downright daring- made with see-through and sexually-charged materials such as netting and vinyl. You can find equally sexy, yet less-daring lingerie in such sensuous materials as satin and lace. What's important is to wear the sexy lingerie you feel most comfortable in. Your man is sure to love any item of lingerie you chose.

Perhaps you're not so confident about your 'powers of seduction' over your man and would like to "test-the-waters" wearing just a sexy lace bra and panties set. Seeing for yourself the effect that wearing sexy lingerie, (even just one piece of sexy lingerie) has on your man and the sexual 'pleasure' you will share together will increase the confidence you have in being seductive and sexy. As you gain more confidence you can add more sexy lingerie to your collection.

The internet is a great resource for finding the sexy lingerie to 'drive" your man's sexual desire for you wild! You can order sexy lingerie from the privacy and convenience of your own home. You can also shop together, giving him a choice of what he would like to see you in.