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Lingerie the word itself has been copied from a French word which means linen but in English, it relates to the undergarments and night clothes worn by women, therefore lingerie is now mainly worn for pleasure. As far as the French meaning is concerned, lingerie means undergarments meant for both men and women. Moreover, recently, the term lingerie in the United States and England has been used to define a range of products which are for pleasure purposes and are meant to arouse eroticism. They are manufactured using lace and silk and therefore, undergarments manufactured using cotton do not fall under the category of women's lingerie.

As far as the current use of lingerie for pleasure purposes is concerned, it is not that old, and lingerie was used for erotica and visual pleasure only recently, and was marketed as such starting from the 1960s. The concept of using lingerie began after the sexual revolution which took place in the 1970s after the 1960s saw the rise of the feminist movement in which women burnt their bras. Women’s undergarments at that time were seen as a way to impose dominance over women by men. Initially, the concept of women's undergarments revolved around 3 fundamentals which were maintaining modesty, hygiene and also changing the way a woman's body is shaped through the use of various undergarments. The entire concept was to create an hourglass shaped like figure for women which would look appealing for their male counterparts but at the same time caused a lot of discomfort to women who would have to wear them. Women used to wear corsets in order to develop an attractive body, it was slowly replaced by the girdle, which was much more comfortable and was developed to give a much more smooth and appealing touch to the wearer's body. This was followed by the introduction of a large number of undergarments, and in the 1950s, the panty was introduced which was later manufactured using silk and lace, giving birth to the modern lingerie. Lingerie these days is supposed to highlight the best attributes of a woman's body in order to attract her partner. Lingerie has these days gone on to become more of an erotic item which is meant for visual pleasure and several varieties have been developed. The babydoll has been used widely for erotic purposes and is usually manufactured using silk, nylon and chiffon. Other lingerie varieties include the bodystocking which is basically skintight and highlights the shape of the area where it is worn. Bras and panties are another kind of lingerie. They are available in a variety of designs and styles and fabrics.

You will come across a large variety of intimate lingerie when shopping online. It has become a very popular item of clothing, both for women who love to wear it and men who love to see their partners in it.


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