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Welcome to our range of Sleepwear Lingerie products


 There is no need to forgo sexy when choosing sleepwear lingerie.

With our sleepwear you will be comfortable and still look sexy.

Our sleepwear lingerie also includes robes. 

Not talking about neck to ankle length nighties here ... But there is no need to give up sexy for comfort.

In sleepwear you will find items you can be comfortable in for a good night’s sleep, but still look and feel sexy wearing.

A chemise is most probably the most common type of sleepwear.

Chemises are usually in a light weight material, they come to about mid thigh length, and have thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders.

In the range of sleepwear you will also find gowns, which you can slip over any piece of lingerie easily. 

Gowns, on their own, even when covering that sexy little number look good.

So don’t think of flannelette pyjamas or granny nighties when thinking of sleepwear, think sexy.