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Lingerie's are intimate, attractive and powerful outfits specially designed for women. They are popular for attracting opposite sex. This is an outfit which makes women more sexy and charming by providing a gorgeous and well shaped body that makes it hard for the opposite sex to resist being attracted to women. There are various types of lingerie's available for women having different shape and size. If woman is plump, then also they can avail a visually attractive body with the help of plus size lingerie and if a woman is too slim, with no special attraction, she can use lingerie's with added padding to demonstrate developed breasts to increase attraction. Sexy lingerie is mainly worn with transparent clothing, to show more skin to increase attraction in opposite sex. By using lingerie, woman can get a more attractive body which will ultimately boost up her confidence.


In French language, lingerie is meant for both the sexes. However, it is mostly related to women. Sexy is the term, which is in general attached with lingerie. However no need to take it in a vulgar sense. It does not essentially point out measly beach sandals. It actually indicates a characteristic which pull male towards a female and vice-versa. A woman loves experiencing all types of lingerie to feel sexy. Wearing lingerie to derive pleasure, she loves touching her body and showing it off. Lingerie's for stout ladies is known as plus size lingerie. There are various types of lingerie's available now days, but it's very essential to select a correct one to achieve the look you’re after.