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Lingerie Is Intimate

The pieces of lingerie which women have been slipping into for a very long time are metaphors of power. Rarely does a woman who finds some intimate lingerie that fits her well, not feel powerful, in control and sexy.

It is common in our sex driven society to think lingerie is just a tool used to get to the task of sex. We buy lingerie to feel sexier.

We can never underestimate the importance of intimacy though. For men as well as women this is important. Intimacy creates connection. When we have intimate moments this leads to passionate endeavours with our partners.

Women's intimate lingerie creates intimacy and this is why it is so widely popular, rather than just used to create instantly sexy moments. When we feel intimate with our partners we feel comfortable, we are open to try new things; we are relaxed.

Rather than intimate lingerie making women feel that they transform into another person, an alter ego maybe, it makes you more connected. Your partner appreciates you in your devastatingly powerful intimate lingerie; you are enticed by his reaction. The chemistry is electrifying.

So if anything, other than intimate pieces of lingerie making you feel powerful, it brings forth an intimate moment that you can share with your partner.