Buying for “Plain Jane”


Buying lingerie for your partner is difficult at the best of times, as many men are unsure whether their choice of gift will go down well. This guide is aimed specifically at men buying for women whose taste in lingerie is more plain than provocative.

Whether you have been together for 10 weeks or 10 years, buying lingerie for your partner is a daunting task for many men. You want to be sure that you are buying her something she is going to love, especially if you are splashing out on some intimate lingerie to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

This particular guide is aimed at men buying for the trickiest woman of all - the ‘Plain Jane’. This woman tends to stick to the basics such as a white cotton bra set, with plain rather than provocative being her style of choice. You may think she would look amazing in something a little sexier, but at the same time you need to ensure that she feels comfortable and happy in whatever you buy her so that she will be sure to wear it time and time again!
The key to choosing the perfect lingerie gift for Miss Plain Jane is to choose something that is just slightly more luxurious and decorative than what she would normally choose for herself. Perhaps she would love to wear something a little sexier but is unsure where to start or what you are going to think, so by choosing something that is similar enough to the current contents of her underwear drawer but with that little something extra, you can be sure that she will not be stepping too far out of her comfort zone when she tries it on. Those little extra details will make the set a special one, and so make her feel special too.

So, what are these ‘little details’ that you should be looking out for? Forget cupless bras or sequined nipple pasties – this woman wants something that provides the same support and comfort that she is used to, so look for a simple but elegant bra set with a lace trim or diamante details that will add that touch of luxury. You might even want to opt for a fully-lace bra set, but keep it white (or black, or whatever colour underwear you’ve seen her wear most often) so that it is not too far away from what she is used to.
If you are looking for something a little bit sexier or more unique than a bra set, to make it a truly special gift, why not consider a babydoll? There are many minimalistic yet beautiful designs out there – look for one that is very simple but with a beautiful cut that will flatter her figure. If she normally wears underwired or padded bras, ensure that the babydoll comes with the same padded or underwired cups.
Many babydolls today now also come with detachable suspenders – choosing one of these and adding a pair of luxury stockings to the present makes for a beautiful gift and gives her the choice of wearing the full set, or removing the suspenders if she prefers.


The main point to take away from this guide is that you need to remember that you are buying a gift for your partner, not for yourself. By taking some time out to research the possibilities and finding a happy middle between her usual, plain underwear and something that would be a little too sexy or revealing for her, you can ensure that you choose a gift that the both of you will enjoy. As a little extra tip though, always keep the receipt just in case!



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