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All You Need To Know


Lingerie is a type of female undergarment. It can be found in most clothing stores online as well as in the actual stores. However, unlike other undergarments they are usually not made out of cotton, their material is usually more flexible. As time goes on lingerie is becoming more and more popular. There are also various categories for this undergarment. Some of the different types include, but are not restricted to, boy shorts, camisoles, corsets, thongs, teddies and corsages.

Boy shorts are very popular among women. This is because they can be very comfortable to wear while lounging around the house. The name was created because their appearance is like that of some of the boxers that men wear. Some women even purchase them in sets with camisoles.

Camisoles are also popular. They can even be worn with boy shorts. Originally they were created to serve the purpose as and undershirt. However, currently women find it convenient to wear them as shirts. This is especially true about the ones that have a bra included in them.

Corsets have also been around for a while. They even have medical uses for them as well. However, in todays society they are popular among women who have an interest in fetishes. When they are getting dressed for a role they will put on a corset along with matching stockings and boots. This has been known to make the men go absolutely insane when they see their women dressed with one of these outfits on.

Thongs are similar to g strings. The younger generation is very fond about both. However, they can be rather uncomfortable since they are only made of little strip that fits in between the cheeks of the butt. Thongs tend to bring all of men’s wondering eyes to a girl’s rear as well if they are visible.

A teddy is a type that closely resembles a body suit. It is loose fitting and it also can be easily slid in and out of. There are no openings in between the legs like a body suit however they have the same make.

Corsages are similar to corsets. Matters of fact a lot of people seem to get them mixed up. The way to tell them apart is because the corsages fit more like a dress and a corset is always tight. Also corsages are not worn by as many people as corsets are.