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Know Your Lingerie Size

You may need to know precisely what your size is when purchasing lingerie from an on-line site. If sexy lingerie, adult costumes or a camisole garment doesn't fit nicely, then you may be short waisted or long waisted, which isn't a big thing. One size fits most doesn't mean one size fits all. Because lingerie items that say one size fits all or fits most, do not essentially fit all and simply because they fit most doesn't mean they are going to fit you. The makers modified the sizing to one size fits most, but many purchasers persist in thinking it suggests one size fits everybody thru no fault of theirs. One size fits most has often been the domain of pantyhose. The cost of making pantyhose to fit additional tiny, tiny, medium, large, as well as plus sizes will surely drive up the cost of the necessary pantyhose product.

The same analogy is applicable to many sexy lingerie, adult costumes, and other intimate lingerie items that include stockings as well as many sexy underwear items that are similar to stockings like form fitting body stockings, chemises, bras and panties. Even a passing thought would tell you that it's not possible for any garment to fit every size without regard for height, weight, and other measurements. So, watch out for the one size fits most designation. Hosiery is one size fits most, for the most part. If you have slim legs, then the pantyhose may bunch at the ankles, or knees, and if you are tall, then they may not make it past your lower thighs.

Running small and being made to fit comfortably aren't the same as some items do run tiny like leather, vinyl and costumes, while others are supposed to fit nicely, like pants, skirts, corsets and so on. Attractive sexy lingerie, lingerie, adult costumes, costumes, camisoles are usually short, snug and body flattering, which is partially why they are sexy! These on-line underwear sites will sell lots of horny costumes, and after seeing thousands of girls who like to shop together and cannot resist showing their fiances and boyfriends the way the costume looks on, but thru time they have learned that these costumes are short and tight. This is why it is suggested that girls purchase ruffle pants or boy shorts to go under those 'oh so short' costumes.

Bear in mind how you want the garments to fit. Some ladies want a show off the lingerie fit, while others want it to fit right. These might not be the same, as panties should fit snug, not tight. Micro mini-skirts should exhibit your pants when you bend over, if you dare bend over.