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Ladies should remember that intimate lingerie styles don't have to be trashy or cheap to be appealing and despite what many women think the guys don't always find it that alluring either. In fact ladies, romance is not completely extinct, it is rather alive and kicking. So don't be too surprised if your partner prefers delicate silks and satins to those see through sexy lingerie outfits that are portrayed in those male magazines.


There isn’t much more that can compare with the feel of silk and satin against the skin. It is without a doubt the epitome of decadent luxury to wear fine silk lingerie under your clothes. The feeling of silk or satin trimmed with delicate feminine lace brushing over stocking clad legs is like nothing else on earth to a lingerie lover.


Feminine and romantic lingerie and nightwear however is something to be treasured, it will make any woman feel special. Pure silk is probably the fabric of choice for these gorgeous garments but the new silk satin fabrics feel just as nice and are easier to care for. With these fabrics machine washing is not a problem and they come up like new every time. This makes them perfect for wearing every day whilst adding a touch of luxury to your intimate lingerie collection.


Fantastic lingerie in silky satins and pretty feminine laces is a lot less expensive than you may imagine too. So don't be shy when it comes to shopping for intimate lingerie because it could be the way to your partner’s heart.