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Knowing the Types of Lingerie You May Buy


Women’s intimate lingerie, there are many types. However with all the different types of lingerie for women you may not know some of the subtle or large differences between them.

Intimate Lingerie - Sexy Babydolls

The most common type of lingerie are babydolls. Babydolls are similar to nightgowns however they are usually shorter and more revealing. Many babydolls will reveal certain parts of your body that nightgowns don't. Babydolls come in many different fabrics, colours and styles to fit everyone's taste. They also usually come with matching panties and are designed to be worn with only the panties.

Intimate Lingerie - Lovely Corsets

Another very popular type of women’s lingerie is a corset. Corsets are designed to shape a woman's body into an hourglass. They usually are fitted and come with lace to help give it a little room when it comes to size. A corset is more rigid then other types of lingerie and are designed with the sole purpose of giving your body the desired hourglass shape.

Sexy Lingerie - The Misunderstood Bustiers

Many people confuse bustiers, with corsets. Bustiers form to the body more than a corset does and also lifts the breasts. Many women prefer bustiers when wearing dresses as they help support the breasts without having bra lines appear.

Erotic Lingerie - The Revealing Camisoles

Then there are camisoles. A camisole is usually a sleeveless and tight fitting compared to most other types of lingerie. They are designed to be worn under anything that you would normally wear and are enjoyable as they are comfortable.

Intimate Lingerie - The Flirtatious Chemises

The chemises. Chemises are similar to camisoles however rather than fitting tight they usually fit loose and are such made out of loose fitting fabrics such as silk.

Intimate Lingerie- The Sensual Teddy

You will also come across teddies. Teddies are loose fitting articles of clothing that are designed to attract your partner. They are sometimes worn to bed and sometimes worn as a surprise under clothing. They are designed to be removed with ease.

Sexy Lingerie - The Curvaceous Bodystocking

Bodystockings are designed from sheer material and show off the body of the person wearing them. They also fit tight to the body.

Erotic Lingerie - Sexy Stockings

Stockings are another item of lingerie that you may buy. They are worn often and come in many different styles. For most women stockings are one of the first pieces of lingerie they own.

Sexy Lingerie - Gowns And Robes

Gowns and robes lingerie that you may buy. While they're not as revealing and attractive as other types of lingerie they are a comfortable classic.

Erotic Lingerie - Revealing Panties

Finally there are panties. All women will own panties and there are many different types of panties that you may own such as g-strings, thongs, and boy shorts. No matter what type of lingerie you buy you should know how it will fit before you purchase it. Some women can't stand having tight lingerie while others prefer it.