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A Quick Easy Guide for Intimate Lingerie Selection


There are three things you will need to consider when you select intimate apparel for her. You will need to decide on style, color and size. There are many terms used when it comes to describing lingerie. If you are not sure of the meaning, refer to our Lingerie Glossary section to help you out. Let us begin with size.


Size:  Most men do not know what size to buy her, especially if this is your first time buying her lingerie. The best place to start is to look in her lingerie drawer. Pick out the lingerie items that she wears often and you will be able to see the size marked on the tags. Let us take bra sizes for instance. The tag will have two numbers followed by a letter or sometimes two letters (example: 34C or 38DD). The number defines the measurement around the bust area in inches and the letters define the cup size. Sometimes bra sizes are marked on the tag in European sizes, usually ranging from 65 to 110 centimeters, followed by the letters I just mentioned. If this is the case we have a European Conversion Chart that will help you determine her size, by converting centimeters into inches on our Intimate Apparel Size Charts page. In the case of panties, the sizes on the tag will either be marked as sizes ranging from 5 to 15 for instance or small, medium, large, x-large, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and so on. The same goes for other lingerie garments.

Style:  When choosing the right style of lingerie for her, make sure that you select something that you know she will like, otherwise just because you like it, does not mean that she will wear it. Your gift to her should definitely not give her the wrong impression of how you think of her. If you are not sure then stick to the conservative styles. Always keep in mind her personality, is she conservative, sweet and shy, naughty, dominant or submissive. You know your sweetheart best. If she wears tightly and more fitted clothes then a thong will always work well, because it will not show any panty lines. You may be deciding whether to buy her lingerie for evening wear or for daytime wear. In this case if you select a bra for daytime wear, then for comfort, you will need to pick one that has a full cup. Otherwise if it is for evening wear and she wears low cut dresses then a demi bra will do.

Color:  Ah! colour, such a seductive choice. A rule of thumb if you are not sure what color she would prefer, always select black or white. Black tends to make her look more slender. Try to remember if she mentioned to you what her favorite color is in conversation. If not then look in her closet and browse through her casual and evening clothing for the most popular colors that she wears. If you find that she likes pastel colors then deep bright colors will not work out. Keep in mind that women like to be color coordinated. If you select panties for her to wear with her white casual pants, then do not pick black panties or they will show through, and she will not be able to wear them. Pick white or nude instead.