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How to Choose Your Lingerie Colour


When it comes to choosing the right sexy lingerie colour, most women seem to have no clue as to which suits them. It has been a constant dilemma to try to look hot for their men without looking too tacky. A woman should know how to match a certain colour with their skin tone or hair colour. Shopping for lingerie doesn't have to be a pain. Knowing what fits you can make you look confident and sexy and by doing this right, you'll see how your man's jaws drop. To get acquainted with lingerie colours that flatter your skin tone is very important. First, it is essential to be able to determine your skin tone then it would be so much easier for you to pick out the right lingerie that can make you look hotter than January. Women with pale white skin or olive complexions with natural blonde hair should go for pastels and lighter lingerie colours such as lavender or baby blues. Women with golden or tanned complexions should go for colours with brighter tones such as orange, beige or gold. Women with pale yellow skin, which applies to most North Asians and women with dark skin, for African, should go for the darker tones such as black, shocking pink or red since it also matches well with dark hair. Neutral colours are solid colours and can suit just about any skin tone.

Lingerie colour can also affect ones mood. It can unconsciously change our emotions. Black shows power, sexuality and elegance. White suggests innocence and purity. Red, which is the most intense of all colours, exudes strength, vitality, desire and passion. Purple represents sophistication. Orange shows warmth. Consider wearing lingerie with the right or wrong colour you'll see that it can either heat things up or kill the mood. Lingerie colour can also create illusions depending on your body structure. Women are always concerned with how they will look half naked because of some insecurity. Not all women are born to have supermodel bodies but you can cheat yourself into it. Choosing the right colour can either emphasize a good body structure or can hide flaws. Darker colours can make your figure look slimmer while the brighter ones can make you look like you've added some kilos. Men are very visual creatures. What their eyes can see can either stimulate their sense of desire or make them bored. If you know how to slip on that perfect lingerie, you know how to draw your man's attention. It is simple and you need not to be an expert on this. You just have to know yourself and understand what looks good on you and what does not. You will see how attractive you can look and how a man can respond. Be more creative and daring knowing that you can surprise your man every time he sees you. You can count on it to keep the mood steamy. And no matter what your body shape or skin colour is, you can always be that sex kitten that you want to be with the right sexy lingerie colour.