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Girl's Guide to Wearing Sexy Lingerie


Men just aren't that picky. If you wear sexy lingerie that's different, it's hot. Trust me, he will like it. Plus, a hidden benefit to wearing sexy lingerie is that it taps a reservoir of feminist sexual self-confidence that you might not know you have.


Before You Dress:
Remember that this is for you as much as it is for him. Try a look that's rung your bell: a pinup-style '50s corset? Sweet but see through white netting? This is you, amplified – or your secret alter ego.  Oh, and you're controlling the outfit selection, but let him decide when to take it off — or leave it on. There's something about doing a woman while she's wearing something hot sexy lingerie that gets a guy's rocks off.


Creating Change:
One important key to wearing sexy lingerie: Remember to make sure your guy knows that something is different — that the sex tonight will be hotter than it is when you're wearing your usual beige t-shirt bra. For starters, buy a lacy camisole and wear that under your clothing instead of a bra if you have an after-work date, no changing necessary. Once he reaches under your shirt and his hand grazes the lace that just hits your midriff, it's on.


Upping the Ante:
Anticipation leads to sexual frenzy date. I was dressed tastefully in a black cocktail dress and heels. When he touched my thigh in the taxi, though, he realized I was wearing a garter belt and thigh-high stockings under my dress. The flirtatious heat we generated over our little winking, teasing secret lasted through all four courses. If garters aren't your thing, try wearing thigh-highs alone with a knee-length skirt or dress, and "accidentally" give him a flash of the lacy band at the top as he's helping you out of his car.


Making it Special:
So he made you dinner on a Friday night, and you're cuddling on the lounge. An easy way to transition from feeling lazy to getting racy is by changing into full-on lingerie. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, and retrieve what you've either conveniently hidden under the sink or stuffed in your purse. And slip it on to make a sexy seductive entrance.


Playing Dress-Up:
Once you've played out the above options and you're feeling extra-frisky, pick out a fun costume yourself and surprise him with it. (Don't get his input — make it about your fantasy and you'll feel more in control.)