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Get Your Intimate Lingerie Size Right


The tighter the better?  Not necessarily true, especially when you are talking about intimate lingerie. What matters is the right fit and the right style for a flattering appearance. Whether you are choosing to wear intimate lingerie under your clothing, or as a center piece to a spectacularly wonderful night with your partner, you want to present the right image as well as to be able to breathe and move about.

Alright, it is understandable that you would want the intimate lingerie that you are buying to be a particular size, but you might want to let go of that once the pain starts to become annoying. If you gasp when you strap on your lingerie and then sigh when it comes off, it is too tight. Buy the correct size and then cut the tag out if it bothers you so much.

So how exactly do you get the right size? There are several options for finding the best size for your intimate lingerie. You can do trial and error sizing, trying on several options at the shop, keeping in mind that certain items cannot be tried on. You can purchase items, knowing that you cannot return them. The better choice then is to be professionally measured, not only by any salesclerk with a tape measure but by someone who has had at least some training in fitting customers. Once you have the measurements in mind, you can find the brands that fit you the best. Another word of warning- each brand name may have variations in sizes that can be quite substantial.

Once you know the sizing and style name that fits you the best, you can order your intimate lingerie online, possibly saving great amounts of money in the process. There are several online resources that have beautiful items; however, you need to make sure that you are buying a size that fits correctly- which starts with knowing what that size is.

Finally, keep in mind that no matter what intimate lingerie you are buying, it is only sexy when it fits correctly and you have taken care of it in the recommended manner. Think about what you are wearing the item for and how you want to feel at that moment so that you can make a good choice, you won’t regret.


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