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Feel Attractive In Sexy Lingerie


It has been said that 'Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman in sexy lingerie'.

For most women having on a beautiful sexy matching bra and panty set in a sumptuous fabric makes them feel sexy any time of day. It doesn't matter whether your partner knows or doesn’t that you are wearing sexy lingerie.

The right kind of sexy lingerie will set a woman up for the day.

Over the years, many colours have appeared in the lingerie market and below are the meanings of the various colours.

White : Fresh, a new beginning, innocent

Black : Meow, confident, nothing gets past this girl

Red : Sexy, sassy, watch out

Pink : Sweet, loving, tender, kind

Blue : Calm, mellow, steady.

Green: Grounding.

Brown : Stylish, serious.

Orange: Artistic, creative.

Flower print : Girlie.

Stripey : Fun-loving, sporty.

What does lingerie do for mood?

The correct sexy lingerie can also have mood altering affect. Lingerie can enhance parts of your body in a way that will amaze you. What it does for your confidence is priceless!

See if there is any specific lingerie that you wear when you're feeling happy, sexy, or romantic. How do you feel when you’re wearing that sexy lingerie? Is there any lingerie that makes you feel unhappy or uncomfortable? Does it remind you of an unhappy time with an old lover, a bad point in your life, or when you were a weight that you didn't like? If so get rid of it!

Only wear lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself! Wearing sexy lingerie that makes you feel bad is not a good thing. Lingerie is the closest thing next to your skin, it will affect how you feel and how you present yourself to the world, so it needs to feel and look sexy to you.