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Different Types Of Lingerie Styles


There are many different types of lingerie styles which let you explore the many different sides of you. You might be in the mood for one type one day and another type the next. Also, with the availability of so many different types of lingerie, you will really be able to make sure that you are getting the type of lingerie that best suits your body type.

One popular type of lingerie is that of the babydoll. This is a short gown that usually comes with a bra-like top and the skirt flows gently. It can be found in both nylon and in sheer material as well. The garter belt is another popular choice out of all the types of lingerie available.

The corset is another one of the lingerie styles that has become very popular. This is a tight fitting piece of lingerie and the material is generally very stiff. However, it pulls in the waist and it lifts the breasts, making it a very popular choice. Generally, there is lacing in the back that is tied in order to hold it all together.

You then have the lingerie that you wear everyday such as your bras and panties. When it comes to bras, there are actually still several different types of lingerie available. There is the push-up bra, the shelf bras, the minimiser bras and the under-wire bras. Each serve their own purpose and a single woman could actually make use out of most of them. This means you have a lot of options to choose from depending on the outfit you are wearing.

As for the panties, the main two types of lingerie available are usually the bikinis and the briefs. The bikinis are underwear that sit on the woman's hip. It will fully cover the rear and the front. Then the briefs, also known as boy shorts, will sit on the waist, cover both the rear and the front but are more similar to the style of shorts. But then you also have the g-string which is a thin strap which covers nothing at the back and very little in the front. Also there is the thong which is a thin strip of material which covers a tiny bit more than a g-string.

Now that you are a little more educated in the different lingerie styles, you are ready to shop. Explore the different types of lingerie and you will have a nice collection before you know it.


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