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Defining Naughty Lingerie

Though sometimes naughty lingerie can be difficult to define, examples of what is naughty lingerie can help us to see the differences between it and normal lingerie. Naughty lingerie is sexy, very revealing, and stimulating. This is in contrast to women’s underwear which is usually simply functional. But when does underwear stop being simply underwear and start being naughty lingerie? There are certain garments that obviously fall into the category of naughty lingerie and can at least give you an idea as to what naughty lingerie is exactly.

On the most basic level, naughty lingerie is lingerie that is designed to stimulate others sexually. Most often, naughty lingerie is very revealing. One item that’s most common and popular is the thong. Most people would say that the thong, although mainstreamed in recent years, is naughty lingerie because it reveals as much of the woman’s skin as possible.

Sometimes, though, naughty lingerie does cover the woman’s body, but only with sheer fabric. Body stockings, for example, are often considered naughty lingerie despite the fact that the woman’s body may be completely covered with material. However, the material is usually sheer fabric of some kind, and hides nothing.

Perhaps the most classic example of naughty lingerie, the teddy, often combines both sheer fabrics and revealing cuts. The one piece teddy falls in as naughty lingerie because of the frequent use of cut out bust openings, high cut thighs, and even sheer fabric on the back and middle of many types.