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When it comes to wearing intimate lingerie, the one thing that women look for is comfort. They can be meticulous with the design and style, with the fabric it is made from, even with the colour and other details but first and foremost they are truly concerned about the comfort of their intimate lingerie. Lingerie companies understand the need for women to feel comfortable wearing intimate lingerie, they even conduct research and interviews and apply certain technology in manufacturing lingerie to come up with something that ensures comfort and much needed support.


Makers of intimate lingerie know for a fact that women nowadays are engage in more activities than ever before. They just don’t stay at home cooking, gardening, knitting and attending to various household tasks. Well, they still do those things but more activities were added on to their list. Most women go to work, engage in outdoor and recreational activities, go to the gym and do sports. Simply put, women are more active these days and it means that they need all the comfort and support they can get from their lingerie. Some of the latest innovations in intimate lingerie-making are the following:

  • Brassieres that comes with plastic straps. These straps come in many different colours to match any outfit. Furthermore, the transparent plastic strap can save you when you wear outfit that looks unflattering when bra straps show.

  • Seamless lingerie (the no-trace rule applies here, for those women who would be wearing tight pants or those made of Lycra (like jogging pants and gym outfits) and other body-hugging clothes and do not wish that their panty lines show whenever they bend or walk)

  • Body-hugging intimate lingerie (for a more defined body contour the elicits that sexy confidence)

  • ”Breathable” bras and panties are very well received. This kind of intimate lingerie lets the skin breathe and put the covered body part at ease.


The materials used in making the lingerie are what determines its’ level of comfort. Below are the three most common textile for making intimate lingerie and undergarments:

  • Cotton - The cotton lingerie and undergarment are good for absorbing sweat which makes it great for those who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Silk - Silk is a luxurious material. Undergarments and intimate lingerie made from silk will also carry that luxurious and silky feel on the body. Silk is also cooling for the skin.
  • Satin - Satin undergarment and intimate lingerie are much more affordable than those made from silk. They are smooth and sensual therefore can ignite passion when worn or felt by the skin. Men like the feel of satin nightgowns because of this. Satin, although smooth and soft is very durable and they can last long even without the care and attention given to them like silk.