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Christmas Lingerie Needs Thought

Christmas is second only to Valentine’s Day in the level of pressure it puts on men to dazzle their partners with the perfect gift.
Anything less, they’re meant to believe, means they’re inconsiderate and unromantic.

A lacy, silky babydoll or teddy, therefore, sounds like the ideal gift.
In reality, it can be a recipe for embarrassment and hurt feelings. It’s either the wrong size or it’s just not quite right.

Men often shop for Christmas lingerie without much more than a vague idea of what size their girlfriend or wife may be.
Well-meaning men typically underestimate their partners’ true sizes.

Too bad for the gentleman who might have the wrong idea about what apparel turns his partner on.
Men shouldn’t feel  discouraged from braving the lingerie jungle, however.
In fact,  women who receive that size extra-small thong should look past her teeny, unsuitable gift at the thought that spurred it on.

It’s a wonderful step for someone to buy an intimate gift of lingerie for another person. 
It’s important for women to stop and look at the gift and say someone got them some lingerie for a reason.
That person may be saying, “I love you no matter what and want to have some fun with you."

Women might think to themselves, "No, this isn’t something that is my style, no I’m not into leather or thongs, but my partner wants us to have some fun and maybe I’ll indulge him.”