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Choosing The Right Lingerie For Any Occasion


Don't ever get caught up with the wrong lingerie again, just follow these 7 simple rules and you will be prepared for every occasion. First you have to consider that your lingerie should always complement what you are wearing and in many circumstances enhance your look.

Rule 1: The fitting
Getting your correct measurements is vital when it comes to lingerie it's like knowing your shoe size you wouldn't buy a pair of shoes that's was a size to big or too small and you certainly shouldn't do the same with your lingerie. Use your our measuring tape at home around your breasts, your stomach holding the tape at your belly button, and your hips going around the widest part of your butt.

Rule 2: Wear what is comfortable don't go for fashion first go for comfort
Comfort is the most important factor in choosing great lingerie you can find something comfortable in every style if your willing to look hard enough, so know which fabrics you like best and on most occasions limit yourself to them.

Rule 3: The trial run
If you are curious how a g-string or a thong will work for you buy your self a cheap pair and wear them around your home one day while you are doing housework. That is a good true test to see if they will work for you.

Rule 4: Matching
Matching your bra with your panties can be a nice way to amp up your confidence in an outfit. Its is after all about confidence here ladies and when we know we have a sexy matching lingerie set on underneath it shows in our step.

Rule 5: Colours, colours, colours
It is important that you own both bras and panties in a multitude of colours. Your clothes are not all one colour why should your lingerie be. Black lingerie is not taboo it is bold and confident, so don't be afraid to buy something in red, pink, purple, and whatever colours you are into.

Rule 6: K.I.S.S. keep it sexy sweetheart
If you are into lace get yourself something lacy in a racy color also with silk, cotton, and so on. You know what's underneath and there is nothing sexier to a man than undressing his lover and finding another present waiting below.

Rule 7: Investing
I recommend to every woman to do their bigger investing in their bras because a good bra can be very versatile among your outfits and there's nothing worse than a cheap bra thats wires begin to break out of after a few washings. I'd say 25 dollars or more is what you should be expecting to spend.