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If you want a decent lady-like look at daytime and comfortable and sexy sleepwear at night time, then look for camisoles. Camisoles (also called as camis) are the most classic lingerie, next to nightdresses. The only difference is these camisoles end right below the waist, while nightdresses are long. You can wear it with pyjamas or panties at night. Camisoles are detailed with ribbons, laces and stones. Camisoles make your tummy look flatter and make an illusion of curvier hips.

You can wear it just like a top with jeans and shorts; or layer it with a T-shirt on top revealing the lace underneath. You can also wear it as business attire, just put on a stylish jacket and you are done.

Camisoles have different designs, colours and types. You can go for a girly design with bows, or a very sexy design that will fire your partner’s fantasy. You can choose from classic white, red, black to pastel pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. You can choose if it is made of satin, lace, silk or leather. Lastly, you can go for a spaghetti strapped camisole, a strapless camisole, a cami with built-in bra or none, a solid-coloured cami or a revealing camisole. There is a style for every woman and occasion.

The camisole as a revealing lingerie item is so classic yet so sexy. It is so light that others might not notice that you are wearing it underneath your top. You can entice you partner by surprising him when you remove your clothing. You can choose camisoles with a built-in bra for an illusion of fuller breasts, a v-neck or scoop line that will expose your cleavage, or show more skin by choosing an open bust camisole. You can also choose if you want it backless for added sexiness. And, you can pair it with matching panties, g-strings or sexy black leg stockings.

If you are planning to buy a camisole, always remember that it must fit your body type. A bustier woman must find a roomier camisole in the cup area. Skinny women must find short and slim camisoles. If you are looking for a perfect formal camisole, look for solid colours without excessive designs. If you want casual attire, look for funky lace designs and colours. And if you want a more enticing camisole, a revealing lingerie camisole with a sexy design and colour will be more suitable.

So what do you want to be - a sweet innocent lady during the day or a sexy temptress at night time? Whatever you choose, camisoles will never fade away. These lingerie pieces are a versatile fashion clothing items you can wear anytime and anywhere.