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Add Sexy Lingerie To Your Relationship


More couples are adding sexy lingerie to their relationship as a way of bringing variety and excitement. Below are some suggestions about sexy lingerie that might heighten a couple's passion and improve the relationship.

For starters it's more important that a woman feels sexy irrespective of what clothes adorns the body. Of course a woman will feel sexier if the clothing fits properly and shows off the body to great effect. Sexy lingerie should serve to enhance one's sex appeal and add to a sense of confidence.

Be adventurous when it comes to deciding what sexy lingerie looks best. Everyone has different choices about which style looks the best. And if there's uncertainty about this then there's no harm in trying on different styles. Most times it's best to go with what the mood is like on a specific occasion.

When it comes to bras and panties, the ones that match tend to have more appeal for most women (and men). For a change of mood or when wanting to be frivolous wearing mismatched styles or colour sets are ideal.

It is useful to try different colours and seeing how it matches the skin tone. Generally white bras are worn to work, black in the evening, while skin tone ones show well under see-through tops. Many women go for fashionable and wilder colours to express the mood and to add a fun aspect on certain occasions.

Corsets are ideal to add magnificent sex appeal. Many women might be resistant about wearing these at first but contemporary ones are actually comfortable. These are also versatile and many have built-in boning to show off a provocative shape. Some are paired with matching garters and many women wear these on occasion with thigh-high stockings and g-string panties.

Sexy lingerie is about having fun and adding some spice and a little role-playing to your intimate moments together. A woman could for example dress up as a French maid, naughty nurse or alluring bedroom bride. Hopefully these tips on erotic attire will inspire couples to add these to their love scenes.


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